23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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JCS Newsletter Vol. 7
Seminar lineup revealed!

JCS Newsletter Vol. 7  Seminar lineup revealed!
Seminar lineup revealed!
TIMM Showcase Live announced performing artists
Introduction featured projects in Exhibitor orientation
Ikebukuro-City supports success of JCS again this year
Early bird special for Buyer / Visitor Registration, the deadline is TOMORROW
Press/1-DAY PASS Registration started
Special offer for exhibitors only
Official JCS Hotel information

Seminar lineup revealed!
The first breaking news of seminar of Ikebukuro venue
TIAF Pitch Session by International Animation Producers and Business Matching
(Organizers: Visual Industry Promotion Organization/ The Association of Japanese Animation)

International animation producers pitch their products and projects. This session provides a great
opportunity to learn international animation pitch for animation production studios, producers and
directors learn their pitching technique. You may participate the projects as an international co-
production partner for such projects. Networking session follows the pitch session.

【Time】14:00–15:30 Pitching session, 15:30–16:30 Networking
【Venue】Sunshine City W tower 5 floor Seminar Room

Coproduction Forum: Japan – Europe – Asia
(Organizers: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ UNIJAPAN)

On May 9, 2018 Japan signed a coproduction treaty with China. This seminar will explore various aspects and possibilities of coproduction between Europe, Asia and Japan encompassing Europe-Japan, Europe-Asia, and Asia-Japan by panel discussion style.

【Time】11:00–12:30 Seminar, 12:30–14:30 Networking/ individual meeting (tentative)
【Venue】TIFFCOM Seminar Room(Sunshine City CONVENTION CENTER)

Strategies of OTT Service Providers and Future Financing Model
(Organizers: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ QPR Co., Ltd.)

This seminar will invite both domestic and international players in the streaming business, that invest or pre-buy contents in development, will each speak about their strategies for content acquisition. In addition, it will discuss gap financing for production costs based on pre-sale contracts with OTT service providers and the like.

【Time】15:30–17:30 (tentative)
【Venue】TIFFCOM Seminar Room(Sunshine City CONVENTION CENTER)
【Contact】QPR Co., Ltd.(Kato・Yoshizumi) desk@producerhub.net

MPA/DHU/TIFFCOM Film Workshop Seminar & Pitching Contest
(Organizers: Motion Picture Association/ Digital Hollywood University/ TIFFCOM)

The first part of seminar is the purpose to construct platform for overseas development of young
filmmakers. We will invite the expertise producer Andre Morgan, for many years active in the Hollywood
and China to talking about future possibility of Japanese films overseas.
The second part, plan pitching will be held. A training trip to Hollywood is conferred on the excellent prize. We are accepting plans until Sep 30 th in 2018 (The deadline is extended!).

【Time】10:00–11:15 Master Class Seminar, 11:15–13:00 Pitching contents (TBC)
【Venue】TIFFCOM Seminar Room(Sunshine City CONVENTION CENTER)

*There are possible to change seminar detail and contents. The detail will be updated
 in official website. Please note that ID badge is required to attend all seminars.

①Visitor registration available for all day in the event
Detail: https://www.jcs.tokyo/en/entry/visitor/
②1-Day pass(can be used only for one day) registration
Detail: https://www.jcs.tokyo/en/entry/1-day-pass/
15th Tokyo International Music Market Showcase Live: Announcement of performing artists.
During the 15th TIMM, live music showcase event will take place at TSUTAYA O-EAST and duo MUSIC EXCHANGE in Shibuya on October 22nd, 23rd and 24th.
This year’s performing artists have been confirmed. During the 3 days, 31 upcoming artists in total will present their special performances with aim to take their musical careers international.
Details below and also available at the following website: (www.timm.go.jp)

Event Name: 15th Tokyo International Music Market Live
Dates: Oct. 22nd (Mon), 23rd (Tue), and 24th (Wed), 2018
Venue: TSUTAYA O-EAST, duo MUSIC EXCHANGE* (*22nd Oct. only)
Door: 17:45 Show: 18:30
Ticket Price \2,000 (tax incl.), All standing, mandatory 1 drink fee at door (\600)
Tickets go on sale to the general public on: September 2nd (Sun)
Organized by Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC)
Performing Artists (in alphabetical order by date/venue)
Ticket URL: http://t.livepocket.jp/t/15thtimm

Introduction of featured projects in the exhibitor orientation
The exhibitor orientation was held and attending number is about 200 Exhibitors. JCS Organizer’s office announced that this year’s featured projects,1: IP (intellectual property) and Book Adaptation (the picturization rights of the book), 2: introduction of creators in Japan and 3: substantial seminar lineup. There were a big response and success of last year, we will make strengthen the plans to focus on IP.
The introduction for creators is new featured project from this year as countersign “Find the hidden talents in JCS”. We will have introduction for creators in opening reception on Oct 23 (Tue) and screening room for presentation.
JCS will make better guidance for international buyers to have business meeting with exhibitors who handle the creator’s work (or the creator) by introducing remarkable creators in Japan on the official website and the guidebook to be distributed in the venue. JCS will increase business opportunities by creators as a new dimension of the market.

Ikebukuro-City supports success of JCS again this year
Left: Aspect of JCS in last year to getting exciting even out of the venue by support in Ikebukuro-city
Upper-right: Yukio Takano, mayor of Toshima city to express support by welcoming to be held JCS first time in Ikebukuro last year
Lower-right: Each area organization in Ikebukuro, companies, education corporation, large commercial complex, ward assemblyman and in addition media, many people attended 

JCS will be held in Ikebukuro and Shibuya this year once again. People in the Ikebukuro-city already have prepared to support JCS to be held on October. Toshima city include Ikebukuro gathered many of local organizations, companies and people concerned in the hall of Toshima city for orientation of JCS on Aug 17 th. (as joint orientation with Tokyo Anima Award Festival to be held on March in 2019)
TIFFCOM CEO, Mr. Yasushi Shiina greeted as the representatives of JCS organization and Mr. Fumio Takagi, TIFFCOM director presented about this year’s JCS. Many attendants listened to it eagerly and it’s eventually made the session exceeding greatly the time supposed to finish.
Yukio Takano, mayor of Toshima city greeted at the beginning of the orientation for development of JCS with powerful message.
“Participants and guests from overseas have increased year by year. I think, it has enormous significance in having JCS here in Ikebukuro as it’s symbolized of the International City of Arts & Culture, with the strong supports from the Metropolitan Tokyo and the Government of Japan. Toshima city which is chosen as the Culture City of East Asia in 2019, hopes that the event will be developed after the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in 2020, and later then too.”
Toshima city, with a focus on Ikebukuro, have raised the International City of Arts & Culture Vision to develop as the International City of Arts & Culture and push forward the redevelopment of the town. This orientation provides valuable opportunity to feel that JCS is the important event for people in Ikebukuro while the town is going to be developed gradually into 2019 to 2020.

Calling for Buyer / Visitor Registration
– Early bird special until tomorrow 6 th (Thu)!

Early bird special registration of buyer and visitor for JCS/TIFFCOM is available until tomorrow
6 th (Thu)!
We’re look forward your registration as early bird special!

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Press/1-DAY PASS Registration started!
Press/1-DAY PASS Registration has been available on the JCS website. Thank for many early registration!

<1-DAY PASS Registration >
Now registration has been available. Registration period is until Oct 9 (Tue) 11:59AM
Fee:10,800 JPY / day

<Press Registration>
Now registration has been available. Registration period is until Oct 9 (Tue) 11:59AM

*A Japan Content Showcase 2018 (JCS) press pass cannot be used to enter the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), however, you can enter both events if you have a TIFF press pass. Please apply for the TIFF press pass through the TIFF official website.
If you’d like to register press of TIFF, please check HERE.

*Those who wish to register as a Press will need to present their media sample to verify the information, and the Organizer’s Office may contact you to confirm the detailed information. Organizer’s office will inform you within two weeks about the results of the screening.

Information of advertising opportunity and
seminar spaces for exhibitors only 

Advertising opportunity for exhibitor, it will be sold out soon!
Advertising opportunity for exhibitors are now available on the JCS website. Some popular menus were already sold out. Please make the application early.

Seminar spaces available for rent, it’s almost sold out!
As a part of JCS-related event, we offer seminar and event opportunities to transmit the latest trends of ever-changing content business in the world. It will be a perfect opportunity to appeal widely on various topics such as company PR, location and incentive PR for industry people.
Contact sales@tiffcom.jp for details.

Official JCS Hotel information
JCS registrants are eligible for special event rates at the official JCS hotels. See below for accommodation plan (rate) details and information on how to reserve rooms.

Japan Content Showcase Organizer's Office
E-mail: inquiry@tiffcom.jp
TEL: 81-(0)3-6226-3020
FAX: 81-(0)3-6226-3024
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