23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Exhibition Rules

Exhibition Rules

The company or organization to participate (hereinafter the Exhibitor) in the Japan Content Showcase(JCS) 2019(hereinafter the Exhibition) shall exhibit pursuant to the terms and conditions provided in the Exhibition Rules (hereinafter the Rules). The term Organizer used herein shall mean the JCS Organizer’s Office (hereinafter the Organizer).

Article 1. Method of Application for Exhibition and Conditions for Concluding Agreement


  • 1. Applicants shall provide the required information in the Exhibitor Application Form & Agreement (hereinafter the Form) issued by Organizer and shall send the printed Form affixed with the signature or name and seal of the applicant to Organizer by E-mail, or you may use an online Form which can be found on the website (Official website; http://www.jcs.tokyo/en/) to apply online. The applicant shall have administrative authority over the handling of relevant operations with the relevant job title at his / her company or organization.
  • 2. Upon receipt of the Form, and after checking the entries are sufficient and satisfactory, Organizer will examine whether the requested exhibition is adequate or not. (The content of the examination will not be disclosed.) Upon passing the examination, Organizer will notify the applicant by e-mail attesting the acceptance. The Exhibition Reservation will be established on the date Organizer send the notification to the applicant by e-mail (hereinafter the Reference Date).
  • 3. In the event Organizer decides after the examination of the application that the application is not appropriate for the purpose of the Exhibition (Organizer will not disclose the criteria of the screening), Organizer may, at its own discretion, refuse the application.
  • 4. For pavilion organizer contacted by the Organizer, instead of submitting the Form, Exhibition Reservation will be established when Pavilion Agreement provided by the Organizer is signed by both parties. All the Rules will apply to all pavilion organizer and their exhibitors.

Article 2. Billing and Payment of Booth Fee

  • 1. If the Exhibition Reservation is established based on Article 1 herein, the Exhibitor shall make payments in the method specified in the invoice issued by the Organizer. Exhibitors in Japan shall cover the money transfer fee. Overseas exhibitors will be charged 10,000 JPY as a handling fee.
  • 2. In the event the payment is made by the applicant, Exhibition Agreement becomes established when the payment is confirmed. After that the applicant comes to be able to exercise its rights as Exhibitor.
  • 3. In the event the applicant fails to make the payment based on the paragraph 1 above, Organizer may deem the Exhibition Reservation is cancelled.

Article 3. Cancellation of Exhibition Agreement and Cancellation Charge

  • 1. Proposals from Exhibitor after the establishment of Exhibition Agreement to cancel the Agreement, or to reduce the number of booths are not accepted in principle.
  • 2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if Exhibitor wishes to cancel the Exhibition Agreement or reduce the number of booths due to special circumstances, Exhibitor shall send to Organizer a letter clearly stating such reasons, or send an E-mail notice to propose cancellation of the Agreement or reduction of the number of booths. In the event Organizer accepts the cancellation of the Exhibition Agreement or reduction in the number of booths, Exhibitor may cancel the whole or part of the Exhibition Agreement on condition that Exhibitor shall pay the following cancellation charge or partial cancellation charge in proportion to the period from the day of proposal to cancel the Agreement or to reduce the number of booths to the opening day of the Exhibition (hereinafter collectively called Cancellation Charge) to Organizer by the day Organizer stipulates:
    • (1) If the Exhibitor cancels part or all of the booths after the Exhibition Application / Agreement is concluded, and if the date of cancellation request notice is the following day of the date three months prior to the first day of the Exhibition, or later with or without any payment made, the amount equivalent to a 100% of the predetermined booth fee shall be paid as the Cancellation Fee. If the period from the date of cancellation request to the first day of the Exhibition is more than three months, the amount equivalent to a 20% of the predetermined booth fee shall be paid as the Cancellation Fee.
    • (2) In the event Exhibitor does not begin using the booths by 10:00 a.m. of the opening day of the Exhibition, Exhibitor’s exhibition shall be deemed cancelled and 100% of booth fee applied for shall be charged as Cancellation Charge.
  • 3. Should Exhibitor have already paid to Organizer the whole or part of the booth fee at the point Exhibitor made the cancellation notice pursuant to the preceding paragraph, or at the point Exhibitor was deemed to have cancelled exhibition, the Cancellation Charge provided in each of the preceding paragraphs shall be appropriated from such already-paid Booth Fees, and should there be remaining amount after the appropriation, the amount shall be returned to Exhibitor pursuant to the method and return date Organizer specifies.

Article 4. Exhibition Booth Fee

Booth Fee shall be as shown in the “Exhibitor Information” posted on Organizer’s official website.

Article 5. Determination of Booth Location

Booth location shall be determined by Organizer.

Article 6. Prohibitions

Subleasing, trading, assigning, exchanging and granting the use of booths

Exhibitor shall not sublease, trade, assign, exchange or grant the use of the whole or part of the booths, regardless of whether the other party is another Exhibitor or a third party.

Exhibition aimed at directing visitors to other event sites

If Exhibitor’s presentation in the Exhibition is aimed at directing visitors to other event sites where Exhibitor is holding an exhibition or seminar of its own to display its main products, its participation in the Exhibition is refused.

Spot sale of exhibits

Spot sale of exhibits at the Exhibition site is prohibited, including publications and software products, except for those that applied and received permission from the organizer in advance.


  • (1) Exhibits (including persons and all the products) should not be offensive to public order and morals.
  • (2) Exhibits of adult content which are forbidden to view for the person under 18 is prohibited.


In the event Organizer decided all the acts of Exhibitor conducted in relation to the Exhibition, including exhibition, events or lectures, fall under the nuisances set forth below, Organizer will demand improvement thereof, whether during or prior to the Exhibition. Should Exhibitor not comply with the demand, Organizer may demand immediate suspension of such act, or immediate withdrawal of all the exhibition, events and lectures.

Exhibitor may not make any claim or request whatsoever to Organizer for payment of expenditures incurred attributable to such “improvement”, “immediate suspension” or “immediate withdrawal”. In the event such steps were taken at Organizer’s expense, Exhibitor shall become liable for such expense.

  • (1) Use of aisles outside the booth (like luring visitors or conducting on-the-street questionnaires) that causes significant trouble to other exhibitors or visitors.
  • (2) It is prohibited to distribute any printouts etc. at outside of Exhibitor’s own booth or in any public area.
  • (3) Causing trouble to other exhibitors or visitors by blasting loudspeakers or other noises. Otherwise causing trouble to other exhibitors or visitors by light, heat, gas, odor, vibration or smoke or others.
  • (4) Exhibition or acts terribly lacking dignity in light of common sense.
  • (5) Exhibition or acts offensive to public order and morals.
  • (6) Exhibition of adult content which are forbidden to view for the person under 18.
  • (7) Such exhibition is prohibited as making collection of visitor’s personal information the main object, without exhibiting products the exhibitor handles in the booth, not conducting any sales promotion activities for products or services.

Article 7. Joint Exhibition

In the event 2 or more companies or organizations jointly apply for exhibition, one of the companies or organizations that represents all the members (hereinafter Representative Exhibitor) shall make the application and the name and contact information of the other exhibitors shall be informed to Organizer separately. Contacts or delivery of visitor’s guide or other necessary items from Organizer shall be made only to Representative Exhibitor. For more details, please refer to “Exhibitor Manual.”

Article 8. Installation of Exhibits, Decoration of Booth and Removal

The Exhibition venue is not a bonded exhibition. In case exhibits or other items are to be brought in from foreign countries, Exhibitor shall let them through the customs clearance and other formalities in advance on its own responsibility. Issues concerning music copyrights and other copyrights involved in the exhibits shall be dealt with by Exhibitor on its own responsibility. Also, whether or not to give permission to Exhibitors and participants for photographing, sound recording and other recording with regard to the exhibits shall be decided by Exhibitor on its own responsibility. Exhibitor shall also be responsible for giving permission to Press and others for photographing, sound recording and secondary use of exhibits and artists. The Organizer will shoot the venue, exhibitor booths, etc. to record the Exhibition and the Organizer shall have the right of the shot video.

  • 1. Delivery and installation of exhibits and other items shall be carried out within a period informed by Organizer separately. However, installation of exhibits in the booths shall be finished no later than the day preceding the opening day of the Exhibition. Should Exhibitor does not occupy its booth by 10:00 a.m. on the opening day of the Exhibition, Organizer shall deem the Exhibition Agreement cancelled. (Claiming Cancellation Charge shall be applied.)
  • 2. Decorating the booth shall be done according to the rules provided in the Exhibitor Manual. For Raw Space, only officially appointed contractor by the Organizer is allowed to conduct booth construction and decoration.
  • 3. Decorations in breach of the rules in the Exhibitor Manual shall be subject to removal.
  • 4. When Exhibitor delivers, carry out or move exhibits during the Exhibition, Exhibitor shall obtain Organizer’s approval without fail before implementing these operations. During the Exhibition, bringing-in, carrying-out, removing and moving of exhibits cannot be done without the approval of Organizer. Also, with regard to bringing-in, carrying-out of exhibits and other items, exhibition and decoration, Exhibitor shall follow the Rules of Use of the site, Disaster Prevention Guideline, the Fire Service Act and other regulations. As for damage or loss of standard decorative articles set in a standard booth, Exhibitor shall be responsible for restoration to original state, provided, however, that this shall not apply to the cases where such damage or loss is attributable to act of God or other disaster, or is due to the reason admitted by the Organizer.
  • 5. Carrying-out of exhibits and decorative articles within the booth must be finished within the period informed by Organizer. Articles not carried out within such period shall be removed by Organizer at the expense and risk of Exhibitor. Other than mentioned above, installation and removal of exhibits and other items shall be performed following the provisions set forth in the Exhibitor Manual.
  • 6. By the Fire Prevention Ordinance of Tokyo, it is prohibited in the Exhibition site to smoke outside the prescribed place, use naked fire, bring in hazardous objects, place things in the aisles and emergency exits, indoor hydrants and fire extinguishers, which become hindrance to their use.

Article 9. Indemnity

  • 1. The Organizer, for any case, assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any injury or damage to persons, goods, and facilities that are attributed to the use or occupancy of booth by the Exhibitor and its employee or agent. The Exhibitor shall guarantee the safe use of booth to the Organizer at its own risk and shall accept liability for all damages should there be any accident. Any accidents shall be reported to the Organizer immediately.
  • 2. While the Organizer pays great attention to the management, safety and security of the Exhibition and exhibits at all times during the Exhibition period, it assumes no responsibility for any theft, loss, of the exhibits or a fire disaster in the booth of the Exhibitor caused by human negligence. Therefore, the Exhibitor shall take all possible measures for the prevention of a theft, loss of exhibit and building material and of accidental fire at its own risk by covering them with damage insurance, for example, where necessary, during the period between the day the Exhibits are delivered into venue and from the venue. Please pay great attention while moving in and out of your goods.
  • 3. The Organizer shall refund the Booth Fee on a pro-rate basis according to the remaining number of days of the Exhibition in compensation to unavailability of booth use only if the Organizer cancels the Exhibitions due to any self-responsible reason, which shall cover any and all compensations. In addition, the Organizer shall accept no responsibility for any damage caused to the Exhibitor as a result of unanticipated situation such as the occurrence of damage by a direct or indirect natural disaster, or as a result of an order or instruction by national or local governments or by acts of God.

Article 10. Postponement and Cancellation of the Exhibition

  • 1. In the event Organizer concluded that it is difficult or impossible to hold the Exhibition due to natural disaster or other force majeure event, Organizer may decide to postpone or suspend the Exhibition.
  • 2. Even if holding of the Exhibition is postponed or canceled pursuant to the preceding paragraph, Organizer shall not refund the booth fee to Exhibitor.

Article 11. Termination

  • 1. In the event Exhibitor falls under any of the following items, Organizer may forthwith terminate the Exhibition Agreement without giving any notice or demand to, and without giving any compensation to Exhibitor.
    • (1) Any of the property or rights in Exhibitor’s possession is subject to attachment, provisional seizure, provisional disposition or public auction, or a procedure of collecting tax and public charge delinquency was enforced, provided, however, that this shall not apply to the cases where attachment or provisional seizure was implemented with Exhibitor as a third party obligor.
    • (2) Bank suspension was implemented, or became insolvent.
    • (3) Revocation or suspension of business was ordered by regulatory agency.
    • (4) If the Organizer determines that the Exhibitor or any planned exhibit is inappropriate to the purpose of holding the Exhibition, or if the Organizer decides that the Exhibitor’s presentation is socially unsound because a civil, a criminal, or an administrative issue that can affect the public confidence of other Exhibitors is concerned, or an illegal or unjustifiable conduct, or criminal offense, or other act is conducted or is likely.
    • (5) In addition to the preceding items, Exhibitor is in breach of the whole or part of the Rules or the Exhibitor Manual, etc. and despite the demand from Organizer such defects are not remedied during the reasonable period of time Organizer provided.
  • 2. In the event Organizer terminated the Exhibition Agreement under this Article, Organizer shall not be prevented from demanding compensations including the Cancellation Charge under Article 3.

Article 12. Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

The Rules and Exhibition Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and as for lawsuits under the Rules and Exhibition Agreement, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of Organizer shall be the competent court of the first instance.

Article 13. Operation of the Exhibition and Exemption of Liability

Organizer may establish various rules and make amendments thereto to implement smooth operation. Also it may newly stipulate matters not stipulated herein, making various additions or amendments. Organizer may suspend holding of the Exhibition due to natural disaster or other unforeseen contingency. In that event, already paid-up exhibition fee and the loss caused by the suspension shall not be compensated. Organizer may change the period of the Exhibition and its opening time due to unavoidable circumstances. Cancellation of application for the Exhibition on account of such changes shall not be accepted. Also, the loss caused by such changes shall not be compensated.

Approval of Exhibition Rules and Display Rules

All exhibitors shall approve and observe the Rules, Exhibitor Manual and the rules established and sent to exhibitors by Organizer.
These exhibition rules are subject to change and amendment. For the latest version, please check the official website at the time of application.

Organizer: Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office


Privacy Policy

The JCS Organizer’s Office (the “Organizer”) will, under the basic philosophy of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, that is, “personal information should be carefully handled under the vision of respecting the personality of an individual,” recognize appropriate protection of the personal information on users (the “personal information”) as a social responsibility, and handle personal information in accordance with the following policies in order to fulfill its responsibilities.

1. We will comply with the related laws and regulations in handling personal information.

In the event participants acquire personal information through this event, participants shall observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations. In particular, if participants give personal information to a third party, participants shall obtain the consent of the person concerned except for the purposes as set forth in Article 2 below, or in any other case expressly specified in this Policy. In the event that any dispute arises between participants and the person concerned regarding such personal information, both parties shall settle such dispute upon mutual consultations and the Organizer shall assume no responsibility whatsoever regarding such dispute.

2. We will acquire and use personal information solely for limited purposes.

Organizer will properly and safely manage the personal information provided by participants, take steps to prevent leaks, loss or damage thereof, thus striving to protect personal information through determination of the handling thereof as follows. Personal information on participants we receive will be used for the following purposes, in order to support mutual businesses with our industry partners, upon participants’ consent to this Privacy Policy.

  • (1) To post on the “List of Participants” on our official website,
  • (2) To publish in the “List of Participants” in our official guidebook,
  • (3) To publish corporate information and product information in various publications distributed at the venue,
  • (4) To provide participants and projected participants lists to exhibitors and others,
  • (5) To print the participant’s name, company name, nationality and portrait photo on their ID badge for identification,
  • (6) To provide the participants list of Market Screenings and the co-hosted event, the Tokyo International Film Festival official selected film screenings to exhibitors,
  • (7) To arrange airline tickets, hotel accommodations, visa issue support documents for the entry visas for Japan for participants,
  • (8) To organize business matching events between exhibitors and participants,
  • (9) To register for use of the official online library,
  • (10) To introduce participants when participants appear on our official videos or in market reports,
  • (11) To create PR advertising materials and reports in print, image or web form using photos and images shot by the organizer,
  • (12) To deliver various services proposals and information and periodical news by telephone, mail, E-mail, etc.,
  • (13) To study, analyze, and plan products and services provided to participants making use of market research, data analysis, and questionnaires, as well as contacting the participants concerned,
  • (14) To inform participants of oncoming events, symposiums, or seminars from the organizers and the related events’ organizers, or
  • (15) To identify participants, to share registered information, and to contact and give information to participants for administration and operation of this event.

3. We will not provide personal information to third parties as a general rule.

We will not disclose or provide personal information provided by participants except for in the following cases:

  • (1) We will disclose personal information selected as “disclosable” at the time of registration on the “List of Participants” on our official website and in our official guidebook to limited participants who have been assigned IDs and passwords.
  • (2) We may provide personal information to third parties within a scope that is reasonably necessary for the respective purposes of use as stated in items (3) (4) (7) (8) (10) (11) and (14) of Article 2 above.
  • (3) For the purposes as stated in item (6) of Article 2 above, we may provide personal information on participants at the Tokyo International Film Festival official selected film screenings and events to the Tokyo International Film Festival Office. The Tokyo International Film Festival Office will manage and use the personal information provided by us in accordance with its Privacy Policy, as per the following URL.
    Tokyo International Film Festival Privacy Policy URL:http://www.tiff-jp.net/privacypolicy/index_en.html
  • (4) In the event that government agencies request disclosure legally, we may provide the personal information to the relevant government agencies.
    Except for in the above-stated cases and in cases where legally permitted, we will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the person concerned.

4. We will exercise thorough safety management of personal information

The Organizer will thoroughly develop internal rules, etc. and take necessary and proper measures for safety management in order to prevent loss, damage, improper disclosure to external parties, or alteration, etc. of personal information. We may outsource some operations for smooth progress of operations and thus provide personal information to outsourcees within the necessary scope, however, in such instance, we will execute agreements on proper handling of personal information with those outsourcees, in addition to supervising so that personal information will be properly handled.

5. We will respond to requests about personal information

The Organizer will strive to manage personal information in the most accurate and up-to-date state.In addition, when participants request disclosure and correction of their own personal information in our possession, we will disclose and correct it upon confirmation of the fact that the requestor is actually the person concerned. When participants request suspension of use, deletion or suspension of provision to third parties of personal information in our possession on the person concerned, we will suspend use, delete or suspend provision to third parties within a reasonable period and scope upon confirmation of the fact that the requestor is actually the person concerned.

6. Inquiries

For requests for disclosure and correction, suspension of use, deletion or suspension of provision to third parties of personal information, and any other inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact inquiry@tiffcom.jp Various data incidental to applications for the exhibition shall be properly protected and managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.