23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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JCS Newsletter Vol. 10
Featured project “Japan Now Presentation” details opened!

JCS Newsletter Vol.10 Featured project “Japan Now Presentation” details opened!
Featured project “Japan Now Presentation” details opened!
Market screening Lineup
Search Registrant on MY PAGE is available!
Japan-ASEAN Business Matching Event in TIFFCOM
First-time Exhibitors lineup Vol.3
TIFFCOM seminar:Coproduction Forum: Japan – Europe – Asia
Introducing TIMM Business Seminar Vol.2:AI in Music・Music Market in China
Final Call for Registrations!
Official JCS Hotel information

Featured project “Japan Now Presentation” details opened!
In TIFFCOM2018, we hold “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM” for creators in Japan to the international stage, in association with the initiatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s project in 2018. We also make opportunity the place to appeal remarkable talent of the creators such as director, actor, producer and author etc. to visitors (international buyers or producers mainly) and provide opportunity as next step to promote content of Japan to go into overseas market.

Market screening lineup
Market screening of the exhibitors will be previewed during the JCS2018.
The schedule and the detailed information have been announced. The Screening is at Ikebukuro venue only. Please make use of this opportunity.

Search Registrant on MY PAGE is available! 
The Search Registrant on MY PAGE is opened on the JCS database. The guest who is registered as exhibitor, buyer or visitor can use the Search Registrant to search the participant information by individual MY PAGE(member site). Please access your MY PAGE.

*Searchable participant’s ID is different from the ID you registered.
This service is not available for 1-DAY PASS and Press registration

Japan-ASEAN Business Matching Event in TIFFCOM
The Japan Foundation Asia Center and UNIJAPAN will invite 15 buyers from 7 countries and regions of ASEAN territories as the initiative of the “Film Culture Exchange Project”. On Oct.26, “Japan-ASEAN Business Matching Event” coopeted with JETRO will be held to match making with sellers from Japan.
It will be great opportunity to making new connection in South-eastern Asia for companies to related with the media content in Japan.

Date: Oct, 26 (Fri), AM10:00~PM1:00
Venue: ABCD meeting room (5F) in JETRO(ARK mori building, 1-12-32, Akasaka Minato-ku)
The deadline for application: Oct, 12 (Fri) until 5:00 PM

JCS2018 New Exhibitors Introduction Vol.3
Introducing the fast-time exhibitors in JCS2018.

 Category: Animation
Contents: Home Entertainment/ TV/ Original

Since it’s founding in 1997, we has entered a wide range of entertainment business field, including photo sticker machines, content media, character merchandising, video games, and anime. The company will promote all rights of the animation “Pastel Memories” mainly .
Official site:https://www.furyu.jp/english/
Kanon Co.Ltd.
  Category: Animation
 Contents: TV/ Character

We provide Animation production, Audio drama, Sound production of Home video game softwear, Animation/ Dram CD planning . We will promote the TV animations “Love To-LIE-Angle” and “Jingai-san no Yome” mainly.
Official site:https://www.kanon-sound.co.jp/company/

Lapin, Inc
  Category: Live-Action/Animation/Format
 Contents: Home Entertainment/TV/Movie

We have years of experience specializing in localization of entertainment media content. With a worldwide network of translators for over 30 languages, we provide direct localization to and from Japanese with virtually any language. We will be promoting mainly multilingual subtitling and dubbing at this event.
Official site:http://www.lapin-inc.com/lang_en.html

Picona, Inc.
  Category: Animation/ CG/ Digitals
 Contents: TV/ Character/ Movie

Picona Inc, We are full size CG studio based on Tokyo specialize in TV animation and movie. Also looking for pre-production, production and co-production opportunity.
©PICONA , Inc. / all rights reserved We will promote TV broadcast right and distribution of the animation “Midnight Crazy Trail” mainly.
Official site:http://picona.jp/

China 3D Digital Distribution Limited
 Category: Live-Action/CG/Digital/Animation
 Contents: Movie/TV/Home Entertainment

We are responsible for the international sales of the company’s production. In 2018, we have several projects in production stage, including action film “Dynasty Warriors”, crime and action film “Death Notify” and the thriller “Deception of the Novelist”. We will promote it in TIFFCOM as well.
Official site:http://www.china3d8078.com/index.html

  Category: Live-Action/CG/Digital
 Contents: Movie/TV/Home Entertainment

We produce high-quality feature films, focusing on the action, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. Our projects are filmed in English with the participation of world-famous actors and are fully aimed at global markets. We also have our own CG studio, international TV-series in development and advertising production.
Official site:http://en.kinodanz.ru/ 

TVibe Corporation Limited
 Category: Digital
 Contents: Home Entertainment /Movie /TV

We offer bespoke solutions for all your video requirements, including localization for your platform and device, in any style and format. Maybe you need your content remastered and stored, or reversioned and then subtitled, dubbed, and transcoded for final delivery? Or maybe you need metadata extracted or rich time-based metadata added? TVibe offers you seamless, end-to-end quality services in the shortest time possible.
Official site:www.TVibe.com

TIFFCOM seminar:Coproduction Forum: Japan – Europe – Asia
The details of the seminar, Coproduction Forum: Japan – Europe – Asia, which was introduced by the newsletter the other day, is also opened on the website.

※Please note that ID badge is required to attend all seminars. You can get the details of Visitor and 1-Day pass by the below topics “Final Call for Registrations!”. 
Introducing TIMM Business Seminar Vol.2:
AI in Music・Music Market in China

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Music
– Present and Future vision of the music industry –
(22 Oct. 17:00~18:00)
How AI will change our life and business is one of the hot topics in these days. Without exception, music business might be influenced by the AI technology such as from track making to copyright management.
In this seminar, 4 professionals in the music/technology field will discuss the possible future of the music industry in the coming AI era.

<Moderator>Norikazu Yamaguchi (Music Producer/ EnterTech Evangelist)
<Speaker>Yusuke Asada(Musician / anything goes CEO), Kuniyasu Komukai(J-WAVE, Inc. General Manager Digital Development Dept.), Hiroki Imabayashi (EAGLYS Inc. Founder & CEO)

Recent strategies for promoting Japanese artists in China,
to successful concert activities
(23 Oct. 13:30~15:00)
The SNS Sina Weibo based promotional base “Music Channel-J” has started with 9 Japanese artists, selected by Chinese live promoters/influencers. The usage of the Music Channel-J will be explained at the seminar, in addition, panelists will discuss how to lead the activity monetized such as live entertainment.

Part1. “Music Channel-J -日本音乐在线-”, a SNS based information platform in China
Manabu Yamauchi (Asia Division Managing Director, Amuse Inc. / General Manager, Amuse Shanghai Inc.)

Part2. The Current Live Entertainment in China
Mark Yokozawa (CEO, ASSOSIA Co., Ltd.)
Lu Jin (CEO, CHARISMA TANUKI PRODUCTIONS/上海魅狸文化传媒有限公司), Jef Vreys (Director, New Noise China), Mao Xiubing (Executive Chairman, BEIJING DAOSTRATEGY CONSULTING CO., LTD)
For seminar details, please check at https://www.timm.go.jp/en/

Details of JCS Seminar is opened on the official website
<Buyer registration>
Registration Fee: 16,200 JPY (tax included)
Deadline: October 9 (Tue) 11:59AM *JST
No Walk-in Registration.

<Visitor registration>
Registration Standard Fee: 20,250 JPY (tax included)
Deadline: October 9 (Tue) 11:59AM *JST
Walk-in Fee: 27,000 JPY (tax included)
Registration period: from October 22 (Mon) to October 25 (Thu) , 11:59AM *JST

<1-DAY PASS Registration>
Registration Fee: 10,800 JPY/day
Deadline: October 9(Tue), 11:59AM*JST

<Press Registration>
Deadline: October 9 (Tue), 11:59AM*JST
*A Japan Content Showcase 2018 (JCS) press pass cannot be used to enter the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), however, you can enter both events if you have a TIFF press pass. Please apply for the TIFF press pass through the TIFF official website.
If you’d like to register press of TIFF , Please check HERE.
*Those who wish is register as a Press will need to present their media sample to verify the information, and the Organizer’s office may contact you to confirm the detailed information. Organizer’s office will inform you within Two weeks about the results of the screening. 
Official JCS Hotel information
JCS registrants are eligible for special event rates at the office JCS hotels. See below for accommodation plan (rate) details and information on how to reserve rooms.

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