23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Press Release

Press Release

Japan Content Showcase2018
Record-breaking number of Exhibitors again!

“Japan Content Showcase2018”, Record-breaking number of Exhibitors again!
International trade fair of music, TV, film and animation in TOKYO
Content market representing Asia and crossing over the difference genres.

”Japan Content Showcase2018”(JCS)will be held from October 22nd, Mon. JCS is the content market representing Asia featuring music, TV, film and animation and it is the combining of the three markets;music (Tokyo International Music Market, TIMM);film and TV (15th Anniversary TIFFCOM -the Marketplace for film and TV in Asia-, the only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations), and animation (Tokyo International Anime Festival Autumn, TIAF), and it will be the 7th year as the combined market. This year is the 7th time.

JCS has the record-breaking number of exhibitors, buyers, business meetings and deal value in last year. (The results in 2017: total of 371 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, 1,549 buyers from 48 countries and regions registered, 7,798 cases of business meeting and deal value was in total$60,050,000)
This year 2018, the final number of exhibitors is 385, from 29 countries and regions, and it’s the record-breaking number ever. Especially exhibitors from overseas increased more than last year to compared to last year 110.4%(180 exhibitors). While JCS grew up as contents market representing Asia, it shows that the higher interest from countries other than Japan. The top ranking of oversea exhibitors in the registration number is 1st Korea, 2nd Taiwan, 3rd China and Cambodia. (last year :1st Korea, 2nd Taiwan and 3rd Cambodia). China ranked in 3rd and it’s higher than last year.
The buyer registration is also going up on steadily, even before the deadline of registrations.
In 2018, the ratio of oversea buyers is 71.2% (66.1% in last year). The ratio of oversea buyers increased higher than last year. The ranking of countries and regions for buyers is 1st Korea, 2nd China and 3rsd Taiwan. Especially Chinese buyers handling contents of Characters and original books related with IP and Book Adaptation increased to 11.5%. Kyrgyz Republic is the country registered for the first time to JCS.

Introducing for creators in Japan
This year’s new featured project “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM”

There were a big response and success of last year, we will make strengthen the plans to focus on IP (intellectual property), Book Adaptation (the picturization rights of the book) this year in JCS.
we hold “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM” for creators in Japan to the international stage, in association with the initiatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We also make opportunity the place to appeal remarkable talent of the creators such as director, actor, producer and author etc. to visitors (international buyers or producers mainly) and provide opportunity as next step to promote content of Japan to go into overseas market. JCS official site opened with the information of creators. We will also screen trailers and footages of the creators and distribute printed booklet to introduce them in the venue during the event. We will invite creators who are representing Japan as the below to Welcome Party on Oct 23rd, Tue to provide opportunities for business matching with oversea buyers and producers.

“One Cut of the Dead”: Shinichiro Ueda (Dir.), Koji Ichihashi (Pro.)
“The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine”: Takahisa Zeze (Dir.), Kazunao Sakaguchi (Pro.)
“PunkSamurai Slash Down”: Gakuryu Ishii (Dir.), Kazuhiro Ito (Pro.)
“Mori, The Artist’s Habitat”: Shuichi Okita (Dir.), Keiichi Yoshida (Pro.)

While the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics will be coming in 2020 and it draws more attention to Japan culture from all over the world, JCS will make the place to promote the Japan culture.
Buyer and press registration has been opened until Oct 9th (Tue) in official site.

Japan Content Showcase
TIFFCOM Organizer’s Office Izumi Totsuka
【TEL】 +81-3-6226-3020 【FAX】 +81-3-6226-3024
JCS official site: https://www.jcs.tokyo/en/