23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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JCS Newsletter Vol.15
JCS2018 Ikebukuro Venue will start 23rd tomorrow!

JCS Newsletter Vol.15 JCS2018 Ikebukuro Venue will start 23rd tomorrow!
JCS2018 Ikebukuro Venue will start from Tomorrow (23rd)!!
Event Schedule (Oct 23) 

Today’s highlight @Shibuya venue
Registration and Venue Open Hours
Walk-in Visitor Registration(issued at only Ikebukuro venue)
ID Pick Up QR code Information

JCS2018 Ikebukuro Venue will start from Tomorrow (23rd)!!
Japan Content Showcase2018 has started from today at the Shibuya venue, where the music market TIMM is held. While JCS has once again marked the highest number of exhibitors and has continued to show its liveliness, “TIFFCOM”, the market for TV’s and movies, and “Tokyo International Anime Festival (TIAF)” is going to be held at the Ikebukuro venue from the 23rd!
In this year’s TIFFCOM, a project called the “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM” introducing Japanese creators is going to be newly held. You can watch various promotion videos such as trailers and footages made by remarkable Japanese creators at the screening room “Japan Now Presentation Room”. For further information, please refer to the screenings below. Also, from 5pm on the 23rd, a special event called “MEET with CREATORS” is going to be held in the same room. We are going to be showcasing four pieces featured in the Japan Now section at the Tokyo International Film Festival, and have a special teach-in from its creators (directors and producers)

Event Schedule (Oct 23) 
Seminars schedule
Ikebukuro Venue
(JCS Seminar Room)
TIAF Pitch Session by International Animation Producers and Business Matching (Pre-registration Recommended)
*Recording / taking photos or videos of the pitch session is prohibited.
*Please do not attend to collect news materials.

Please register from here. You can register till the seminar starts.

Shibuya Venue
(Seminar Room)
Experience the international Co-Writing

Merlin – A Decade of Global Growth

Recent strategies for promoting Japanese artists in China, to successful concert activities

World No.1 Music Curation Media and its Worldwide Influence

TIMM Showcase Live

Performing Artists:BRADIO/DOLL$BOXX/HONG¥O. JP/Kouki Hanamizakura/MIKOTO/Shiena Nishizawa/SPINN(UK)/VICKE BLANKA/YABAI♡

Market Screening
Japan Now Presentation Room in Conference Room

10:00-/ 11:00-/ 12:00-/ 13:00-/ 14:00-/ 15:00-/ 17:00-*
(32mins screening as each time, you can watch the promotional materials such as trailers and footages of works that the remarkable Japanese creators produced.)
Cinema6 in Ikebukuro HUMAX CINEMAS
*The additional screening is decided In Ikebukuro HUMAX. 10:00-/11:00-/12:00-/17:30 
Gourmet Activity
11:00-12:00 (2017/60mins/Japan)

12:45-14:45 (2018/120mins /Japan)
※Closed (No Press)

It’s boring here, pick me up.
15:30-17:08 (2018/98mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers & Festival programmer Only)

Ikebukuro HUMAX CINEMAS(Cinema6)
13:15-14:15 (2018/60mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers, Exhibitors & Press only)

Tora-san of Goto
15:00-16:54 (2016/114mins/Japan)

P&I Screening(Ikebukuro Venue)
The Travelling Cat Chronicles
10:30-12:28 (2018/118mins /Japan)

Just Only Love
13:00-15:03 (2018/123mins /Japan)

Another World
15:40-17:40 (2018/120mins /Japan)

My Train Diary
18:10-19:59 (2018/109mins /Japan)

The parties by exhibitors
Opening Party of Taiwan Pavillion by Twaiwan Drama Production Industry Federation(T.D.P.I.F)
15:00-16:30 (C-35)

TBS Sake Party with NINJAS by TBS-Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
17:00-19:00 (B-23)

17:00-18:00 (B-30)

Today’s highlight @Shibuya venue
Japan Content Showcase 2018 finally started. At the 15th Tokyo International Music Market (15th TIMM) registration desk, participants gathered from each country made a line to receive the pass. Active negotiations were held from the morning at the enthusiastic venue. In the evening, showcase live will be held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST and duo MUSIC EXHANGE (scheduled to start from 18: 30). Today 22nd, 13 different artists will showcase the performance for buyers who gathered from all over the world.

Registration and Venue Open Hours
Please confirm the opening time of registration desk at each venue and market venue.

*We recommend to exchange ID badge by advanced registrants on 22nd Monday (14:00-19:00) because Ikebukuro venue will be crowded very much on 23rd of the first day.
Walk-in Visitor Registration(issued at only Ikebukuro venue)
“Walk-in” is on-site registration, it’s valid for four days (Ikebukuro/ Shibuya). Your registration photo is not required to bring, because you can take it at the registration desk. Even if you forget to register in advance, if you have this ID badge, you can also participate in various events and seminars.
Fee: JPY 27.000
Valid period: Oct 22 (Mon)s – 25 (Thu) *Japan Time

ID Pick Up QR code Information
For JCS ID Registrants, please print the QR code and bring it with you when you come to the registration to pick up your ID badge. When you log-in to the MYPAGE and clicks a green button “ID Pick QR code” in the lower left, QR code is displayed. Thank you for your cooperation!
Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office
【TEL】 +81-3-6226-3020
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