23-25 Oct, 2018 in IKEBUKURO(22-24 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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JCS Newsletter Vol.16
JCS2018 Ikebukuro Venue opened today! Music Market (TIMM )ends tomorrow!

JCS Newsletter Vol.16 JCS2018 Ikebukuro Venue opened today!
Music Market (TIMM )ends tomorrow with the final live showcase!

Event Schedule (Oct 24)
Today’s highlight
Registration and Venue Open Hours
Walk-in Visitor Registration(issued at only Ikebukuro venue)
ID Pick Up QR code Information

Event Schedule (Oct 24) 
Seminars schedule
Ikebukuro Venue
(JCS Seminar Room)
Coproduction Forum: Japan – Europe – Asia(Advance registration required)

Streaming Service and Future Financing Model(Advance registration required)

TIMM Showcase Live

Door:17:45/ Show:18:30
Performing Artists:annie the clumsy/ASTERISM/KENTA HAYASHI/KEYTALK/MIKINATSUMI/Royal Prospect(Sweden)/Survive Said The Prophet/The VANE(Korea)/YUC’e

Market Screening
Japan Now Presentation Room in Conference Room
10:00-/ 11:00-/ 12:00-/ 13:00-/ 14:00-/ 15:00-/ 16:00-/ 17:00-
(32mins screening as each time, you can watch the promotional materials such as trailers and footages of works that the remarkable Japanese creators produced.)
Cinema6 in Ikebukuro HUMAX CINEMAS
*The additional screening is decided In Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas.10:00-/ 11:00-

10:00-12:00 (2018/120mins/Japan)
※Closed (No Press)

Three Female Ghosts
12:45-14:10 (2017/85mins/Japan)
※1-DAY PASS holders can also enter

Living the Idol Life – SKE48 Behind the Scenes
15:30-17:28 (2018/118mins/Japan)

A Banana? At This Time of Night?
10:00-12:00 (2018/120mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers & Invitee Only)

12:45-14:25 (2018/100mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers & Festival Programmer Only)

Until I Meet September’s Love (working title)
15:30-17:20 (2019/110mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers & Invitee Only)

You, I Love
18:15-19:55 (2018/100mins/Japan)

13:15-14:15 (2018/60mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers, Exhibitors & Press Only)

 15:00-15:59 (2018/59mins/Japan)
※Closed (Buyers, Exhibitors & Press Only)

Darkness under Sunshine
17:20-19:30 (2017/45mins/China & Germany)
※Including red carpet event and Q&A session

P&I Screening(Ikebukuro Venue)
CINEMA SUNSHINE Ikebukuro Cinema3
10:30-12:34 (2018/124mins/Japan)

13:10-14:52 (2018/102mins/Japan)

15:30-17:12 (2018/102mins/Japan)

17:45-19:45 (2018/120mins/Japan)

Other Events (JCS Event Room)
TIFFCOM Press Conference

Toei Animation & ARGF/BONA Joint Press Conference

The parties and events by exhibitors
Happy Hour by Creative Romanian Film Makers
16:30-18:00 (C-55)

"Green Grass" Event by CinemaChile
※By Invitation Only

Korean Japan Contents Business Networking Event by KOCCA
18:30-20:30(Sunshine 60 building 58F CRUISE CRUISE)
※By Invitation Only

TDPIF(Taiwan)Welcome Reception
20:00-23:00(Mudobodo, Marunouchi BRICK SQUARE 3F, 2-6-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku))

Presentation of ScreenX by Korea Animation Industry Association (KAIA)
14:00-17:00(Aquacity Odaiba, United Cinemas)

Today’s highlight
Ikenbukuro Venue
Today, Oct. 23 marks the start of the JCS Ikebukuro Venue where have been new venue since last year! In the early this morning, registration for the Ikebukuro venue has been crowded with people, and having had long queue. As the number of exhibitor is the record-breaking one ever. The colorful eye-catching decoration of booths filed the exhibition hall. We could see many passionate business meetings has been going in the booths soon after opened the venue. To consolidate B hall where was used last year as well and new C halls instead of A-1 &2 halls of last year makes the access more convenient and efficient. The screening of the new project “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM” started from today 23rd in the exclusive screening room (Japan Now Presentation Room). There will be Welcome Party tonight to feature this project and introduce the directors and producers of 4 titles chosen as the Focus titles for Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM from the Japan Now section in the Tokyo International Film Festival
The seminar of first day , “TIAF Pitch Session by International Animation Producers and Business Matching” invited 3 oversea animation producers. It provided a great opportunities to learning the international animation pitch for animation production studios, producers and directors who want to learn the better skills in their pitching technique. The Networking session also was so prosperous after the pitch session.

Shubuya Venue
Today showcase live will be held in TSUTAYA O-EAST Shibuya. Last night, 13 sets of variety of artists showed impressive performances for buyers and visitors gathered from different countries.

Registration and Venue Open Hours
Please confirm the opening time of registration desk at each venue and market venue.

Walk-in Visitor Registration(issued at only Ikebukuro venue)
“Walk-in” is on-site registration, it’s valid for four days (Ikebukuro/ Shibuya). Your registration photo is not required to bring, because you can take it at the registration desk. Even if you forget to register in advance, if you have this ID badge, you can also participate in various events and seminars.
Fee: JPY 27.000
Valid period: Oct 22 (Mon)s – 25 (Thu) *Japan Time

ID Pick Up QR code Information
For JCS ID Registrants, please print the QR code and bring it with you when you come to the registration to pick up your ID badge. When you log-in to the MYPAGE and clicks a green button “ID Pick QR code” in the lower left, QR code is displayed. Thank you for your cooperation!
Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office
【TEL】 +81-3-6226-3020
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