25-27 Oct,2016 in Daiba (24-26 Oct TIMM in Shibuya)


Press Registration

Eligibility for applicants

Industry press(includes Camera person, Writer) to cover Film, TV, Animation, VIDEO/DVD, Mobile, Internet, Comics, Digital Media Contents, Music, Publication, and Others.

If you are successfully registered as Press at Japan Content Showcase 2016, you are eligible for

  • ・Access to Japan Content Showcase 2016 venue facility
  • ・Access to the member site “MY PAGE”.
  • ・Covering events at Japan Content Showcase 2016 (except for closed events)
  • ・Access to Market Screening (except for Invitation only)
  • ・Access to 29th Tokyo international Film Festival P&I Screenings (Need reservation only for Roppongi venue)
  • ・Receiving Press releases
  • ・Receiving newsletters

Registration notes

  • ・Those who wish to register as a press will need to present their media sample to verify the information, the Organizer’s Office may contact you to confirm the detailed information. Organizer’s office will inform you within two weeks about the results of the application.
  • ・Press registration can only be done by pre-registration and no on-site registrations.
  • ・P&I Screenings can be accessible with Japan Content Showcase 2016 ID badge.(Need reservation only for Roppongi venue)
  • ID Badge for Japan Content Showcase 2016 can only be picked up at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba(From 1st of July, the name of the hotel was changed from “GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA”.). It can not be picked up at the venue of TIFF at Roppongi.

A Japan Content Showcase 2016 (JCS) press pass cannot be used to enter the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), however, you can enter both of the events if you have a press pass of TIFF. Please apply for press registration through the TIFF official website.

Registration Procedure and Fee

How to register Please register from below.
Deadline Friday October 7, 2016 (Japan Time)
Press Registration Fee Free(Valid during the event dates)


Japan Content Showcase Organizer’s Office