24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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Newsletter Vol.4
JCS decided to use ”FOYER” as Official Online Library

In this week’s newsletter:

  • ・JCS continuously decided to use ,” FOYER” as Official Online Library as last year
  • ・Exhibitor Service Information
  • ・One Day Pass registration starts
  • ・Seminar information
  • ・Official JCS hotel information, special rates for registered guests
  • ・Ikebukuro (Toshima City) Fun Facts

CS continuously decided to use ,”FOYER” as Official Online Library as last year

Japan Content Showcase (JCS) will continuously use an online platform “FOYER” developed by IMAGICA Corp. as Online Library as last year. Since the service launched, a lot of major content holders in Japan and overseas professional buyers have used it. As high level security and performance of overviewing logs, this platform is extremely acclaimed among the users at last convention. Thus, we have continuously decided to use it as an official Online Library of JCS 2017 in order to effectively promote the exhibitor’s contents from Japan to content buyers all over the world.
More details click here

Note: You must register in JCS if you use the FOYER.

IMAGICA Corp. (more details of “FOYER”)
E-mail: foyer_jcs2017@imagica.jp Tel: +81-3-3280-1427 / Fax: +81-3-3280-7503

Exhibitor Service Information

・Information from TSUTAYA IKEBUKURO AK Bldg.
The TSUTAYA IKEBUKURO AK Bldg., where it comes down from the stairs of the number 35 of Ikebukuro station east exit, ”sunshine city exit” to the ground is coming as an idle& animation& comic specialty store in July, 2017. During JCS period, exhibitors will be able to use established event space of this first floor which makes it an excellent place to hold a variety of promotions such as showcase live broadcasting, a screening party and a buyer’s invitation. Consider taking advantage of these great features during the JCS event. Perfectly situated just 5 minutes from the JCS venue. Each media of JCS will issue the information.

In celebration of the first year in business, TSUTAYA IKEBUKURO AK Bldg. has cosponsored JCS and especially it can be used only by the working expenses without the meeting place cost.

<Event space overview>
Live performance · Ririibe (live performance commemorating the release of CD and DVD) · Anikura (DJ playing mostly anime songs)· Dancing · Signing session · etc…
We will do everything at this event!
You can shout! You can clap! You can jump!
Let’s boost Japanese pop culture together!
* Dangerous acts such as crowd surfing, moshing etc. are prohibited.

150inches screen provided with disk/DVD
Performance Facilities permission / Late-night business operation permission
Capacity: 200 people (standing) 60 people seated
More details click here

・Advertising options for exhibitors
Advertising options for exhibitors are now available on the JCS website. Take advantage of these effective promotional tools for communicating your message to event visitors.

・Now accepting applications for market screening services
JCS offers a paid market screening service for booth exhibitors only. Take advantage of trade show premieres, press conferences, and more to suit your goals. Screenings can be held at the market venue or at a nearby movie theater. The first stage of application deadline is Thursday, August 10.

1-DAY PASS registration starts!

1-DAY PASS is available for industry professionals of Film, TV, Animation, VIDEO/DVD, Mobile, Internet, Comics, Digital Media Contents, Music, Publication, and Others(e.g., Advertising, Talent Agency, Trading Company, Festival/Market, Industrial Associations etc.).
*1-DAY PASS valid only for a day during the event (October 23-26, multiple choice allowed) you chose at the registration form.

Seminar spaces available for rent

JCS 2017 is proud to offer its highly acclaimed seminars again this year. The seminars attracted nearly 1,500 participants in 2013 and more than 2,400 participants in 2016. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn about the latest trends in film content.

We also have paid venues available for you to hold your own seminars at TIFFCOM, just as we did last year. Seminars are a great way to promote your company, location, incentives, and a variety of other attractive features to key players in the industry. Reserve your spot today!
Contact tiffcomseminar@tiffcom.jpfor details.

JCS Official Partner hotel information

JCS guests are eligible for special event rates at official JCS hotels. See below for accommodation plan (rate) details and information on how to reserve rooms.

Registration is Now Open for Buyer ,Visitor and Press !

Buyer registration and details
Early bird special for buyers now available!

Currently JCS is accepting buyer registration with the special rate ¥10,800 (includes tax).Please don’t miss this opportunity to register during the period!
Early bird special: ¥10,800 (includes tax): Register by Thursday, September 7
Note: You must submit your buyer history to register

Early bird special for visitors: ¥13,500 (includes tax): Register by Thursday, September 7
Visitor registration and details:

Press registration now open until Tuesday, October 10th
Press details:

Ikebukuro (Toshima City) Fun Facts

We’ll be showcasing more great features of Ikebukuro (Toshima City) in our newsletter.

Otome Road
A row of anime shops line the street opposite Sunshine City which is this year’s JCS convention hall. As it constantly crowed with young women, the area has been given the nickname of Otome Road. The area is the source of information for anime and has attracted a succession of anime and game –related contents to Ikebukuro.

<For more information,contact:>
Japan Content Showcase Office
【TEL】 +81-3-6226-3020
【FAX】 +81-3-6226-3024