24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

Co-Production Events

KO-PRODUCTION in TOKYO 2017 will be held in association with the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and feature one-on-one meetings with those Korean producers with plans for a Japan-South Korea co-production project.

DATA October 24-26 (Tue – Thu), 2017
VENUE Sunshine City Convention Center, Ikebukuro,Tokyo
NOTE Attentding event requires JCS Badge Registration and Reservation in advance. Please check the details as below.

Project A:The Weirdo from Mars

Project Information(PDF)
Director TBD
Producer Andy YOON
Production Company MoonWatcher Co., Ltd

Producer Introduction


Career History
  • 2016 Musical “Legend Hero” (Executive Producer, Producer)
  • 2016 Korea-China coproduction TV Special “Legend Hero” (Executive Producer, Producer)
  • 2016 Online film “Special Agent” (Executive Producer, Producer, Screenwriter)
  • 2016 Online comic “Special Agent” (Executive Producer, Producer)
  • 2015 Korea-China coproduction film “The Witness” (Executive Producer, Producer, Screenwriter)
  • 2011 Film “Blind”(Executive Producer, Producer, Adaptation Screenwriter)
  • 2011-2013 Online comic “Mano’s Family” Seasons 1 & 2 (Executive Producer, Original writer)
  • 2007 Film “Two Faces of My Girlfriend” (Producer)
  • 2007 Film “The Perfect Couple” (Producer)
  • 2007 TV program “Temptation of Eve” (Producer)
  • 2006 Film “Heart Is” (Producer)
  • 2006 Film “My Teacher” (Producer)

Project B:The Season Snow Stops

Project Information(PDF)
Director Kim Seongsu
Producer Baek Hye-sung
Screenwriter Park Sangeun
Production Company 100% Sausage Co.,Ltd.

Producer · Screenwriter Introduction

Baek Hye-sung

Career History
  • 2017 Short Film “Euna”, “Frame in Love”
  • 2015 Omnibus Film “Above the Diagonal Line”
  • 2009 Feature Film “The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J”
  • 2006 Feature Film “Now and Forever”

Park Sangeun

Career History
  • Currently working on screenplay for 2017 film “The Season Snow Stops”
  • Feature Film “Best” (casting in progress)

Project C:Cannot see, Cannot Hear,
But We Still Love

Project Information(PDF)
Director Lim Woosung
Producer Kim Minguk
Production Company COOKIE PICTURES

Producer Introduction

Kim Minguk

Career History
  • 2013.07~until now: Film Production company “Cookie Pictures”
  • – CEO & Producer
  • 2009.07~2013.6: Film Production Company “FineWorks”
  • – Executive producer & Chief of Investment, “Empire of Lust”
  • – Executive Producer “Miracle in Cell No. 7” : Awarded “Best Planning Award” at 2013 Grand Bell Awards
  • – Executive Producer “Champ”
  • 2008. 8 ~ 2009. 6 Woorideul Startup Investment Company Partial investment in “Goodbye”, “District 13: Ultimatum” “Garfield’s Fun Fest”, “Ong Bak 3”
  • 2001.1 ~ 2008. 7 Investment Company IM Pictures Head of Investment/Marketing team
  • – Distribution: “Flower Island”
  • – Marketing: “Africa”, “Too Young to Die” “A Perfect Match” “First Love Rally”
  • – Chief of Marketing : “Dead Friend”
  • – Chief of Investment: “The Big Swindle”, “Temptation of Wolves”, “Dead Friend” “Antarctic Journal”, “Heaven’s Soldiers”, “A Bold Family”, “Vampire Cop Ricky”, “Forbidden Quest”, “APT” “Fly Daddy” “Tazza: The High Rollers”, “Three Fellas”, “Love Me Not”, “Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait”, “The Mafia The Salesman”
  • – Chief of Investment & Marketing: “Our Town”, “Once Upon a Time”

Project D:The Hit and Run Family

Project Information(PDF)
Director Kim Tai-sik
Producer Kim Hyo-jeong
Production Company FILM LINE

Director・Producer Introduction

Kim Tai-sik

Career History
  • Heartbreak Hotel (2015)
  • Red Vacance Black Wedding (2011)
  • Tokyo Taxi (2010)
  • Driving with My Wife’s Lover (2007)

Kim Hyo-jeong

Career History
  • You With Me (Phillipines/Korea, 2017)
  • Shun Pong O (Malaysia/Korea, 2017)
  • Heartbreak Hotel (2015)
  • Sookhee (2014)
  • Kimmydora and The Temple of Kiyeme (Phillipines, 2012)
  • Red Vacance Black Wedding (2011)
  • Aku Ada Kau Ada (Malaysia, 2011)
  • Tokyo Taxi (Korea/Japan, 2010)
  • A Good Night Sleep for the Bad (2009)
  • Driving with My Wife’s Lover (2007)
  • Kazoku Cinema (1998)

Project E:The Trip to Otaru

Project Information(PDF)
Director Lim Dae Hyeong
Producer Park Doohee
Production Company Film Run

Director · Producer Introduction

Lim Dae Hyeong

Career History
  • “Merry Christmas Mr. Mo”
  • – 21st Busan International Film Festival, New Currents section (Awarded the NETPAC Award)
  • – 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival, Official Competition (Awarded Passionate Staff Award)
  • – 52th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
  • – 22nd Vilnius International Film Festival
  • – 19th Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

Park Doohee

Career History
  • “Merry Christmas Mr. Mo” (2016, Producer)
  • “I Can Speak” (2017, Investment proceedings)
  • “Glass Garden” (2017, Investment proceedings)
  • “Collective Invention” (2015, Investment & Marketing)
  • “Set me free” (2014, Investment & Marketing)
  • “Sunny” (2011, Production Team)
  • “No Mercy” (2009, Arts Team)


DATA October 24-26 (Tue – Thu), 2017
VENUE Sunshine City Convention Center, Ikebukuro,Tokyo


Please send e-mail to jahyeh@daum.net with fulfilling your information requested below.

  • 1.JCS Registered ID No.
  • 2.Name. Please do not forget indicating Mr. / Ms. ahead of your name.
  • 3.Mobile Phone Number
  • 4.Company Name / Direct Phone Number
  • 5.Number of Your 1st & 2nd Requests (Please select from TIME SCHEDULE below)
    ・1 meeting is basically 30mins.
    ・Your exact meeting date / time will be informed by returning e-mail from KOFIC.
    ・Please be noted that we may ask you for another choice, if your requesting time schedule is already full.
  • 6.Alphabet of Projects the Projects you want to have meetings.
    ・(Please select from PROJECT LINE-UP ; Multiple Choice Allowed )
    ・If you requested multiple projects for your meeting, we will try our best to arrange your meeting within the same TIME SCHEDULE period.

Deadline:Oct 18, Wednesday by 18:00


  • 1.Oct 24 (Tue) 13:00 – 18:00
  • 2.Oct 25 (Wed) 10:00 – 17:00
  • 3.Oct 26 (Thu) 10:00 – 15:00