24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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Newsletter Vol.10
This year’s JCS focus on Intellectual Property,
Last chance for Buyer registration !

In this week’s newsletter:

  • ・IP (Intellectual Property) is main focus of JCS 2017
  • ・Record-Breaking Number of Exhibitors
  • ・October 10th (Tue) is the final deadline for Buyer & Pre-registration for Visitor ID!
  • ・P&I Screening, Pre-Online Booking Information
  • ・Online Library “FOYER” will be opened on Oct 10
  • ・ID Badge pick up information
  • ・Announcement of the joint seminar with START ME UP AWARDS“Enter-Tech Meeting in TIMM”
  • ・Advance Registration required Seminar lined up!

IP (Intellectual Property) is main focus of JCS 2017

IP (Intellectual Property) is the main focus of Japan Content Showcase 2017.
In order to find the exhibitors dealing with IP easily, the “IP” mark will be displayed on each booth of exhibitors who handle IP, as well as the print materials. Participants who wish to discuss the IP ,please make use of this IP mark to find exhibitors. In addition to that, for exhibitors dealing with the Book Adaptation rights, we will post the “Book Adaptation” mark on the booth fascia.

Record-Breaking Number of Exhibitors

This year’s exhibitors’ list has been updated. The number of booths has increased by 20% from last year, and the number of exhibiting groups is 366 organizations and it’s the highest record ever. As the overseas pavilion, Latin America Pavilion will participate for the first time. Chile and Brazilian film organizations will participate.
Pavilions from 14 Countries and Regions exhibiting as the overseas pavilion (Pavilions in the pavilion: ASEAN (Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam), Korea (2 Pavilions), Taiwan, Thailand, Latin America (Chile, Brazil), Location(India, Kosovo, Switzerland, Philippines, Russia, USA) Exhibiting from 27 countries and regions, including overseas and domestic exhibitors.
(The number of exhibiting organizations may be added.)

Exhibitor List(PDF)
WEB: http://www.jcs.tokyo/2017/en/exhibitor/list/

October 10th (Tue) is the final deadline for
Buyer & Pre-registration for Visitor ID!

The buyer registration which is going on steadily now is progressing at a speed that the number of overseas registrants is higher than the same period last year. 47 countries have registered from all over the world, including 2 new countries, Lebanon and Ukraine.

★Buyer registration FINAL deadline is October 10th (Tue)!
Buyer registration will only be accepted by the pre-registration only and there is NO Walk-in registration during the market period. Please register ASAP by 10th Oct (Tue) if you are considering your participation as a buyer this year!
Registration Fee: 16,200 JPY (tax included)

No Walk-in Registration.

★Visitor registration online pre-registration deadline is October 10th (Tue)!

Registration Fee & Period :
Standard: 20,250 JPY (tax included) By Oct 10(Tue)
Walk-in : 27,000JPY(tax included) / Oct 23(Mon) – Oct 26(Thu)

P&I Screening, Pre-Online Booking Information

<What is P&I Screening?>

P&I Screening is screenings of films presented at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for the press and industry professionals. P&I screening will be held at the JCS venue (24th to 26th October in Ikebukuro) and the TIFF venue (25th October to 3rd November in Roppongi).
* Booking is not required at the JCS venue in Ikebukuro but advance booking is required at some venues on the web.


-TIFF P&I Online Booking site Open (TBC) : 10/16(Mon)

-Buyer preorder WEB Reservation : Oct 17(Tue) 9pm(JST) (TBC)~(For JCS Buyer ID holders)

-Regular WEB Reservation: 9:00PM 5 days prior to each screening~60 min prior to the start of each screening.(TBC)
*(For JCS Exhibitor ID, VISITOR ID, PRESS ID holders)

Official listing work of Tokyo International Film Festival
TIFF: http://2017.tiff-jp.net/en/lineup/list.php

<Screening Schedule>

TIFF P&I Screening Booking Procedure Please visit “P&I screening schedule” page of the TIFF P&I Screening Booking site and make a booking. Please use your Japan Content Showcase 2017 MYPAGE Login ID and Password to make a reservation.


TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills(TIFF Venue) → Pre-online booking REQUIRED
EX Theater Roppongi (TIFF Venue) → Pre-online booking not required
Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro (JCS venue) → Pre-online booking not required

※Please bring your JCS ID badge with you as you will be asked to present it before the screening.

Online Library “FOYER” will be opened on Oct 10

From OCt10th (Tuesday), ‘Japan Content Showcase: Online Library powered by FOYER’ will open for JCS buyer ID holders. can use . It is necessary to register online library using the following procedure. Once you complete the registeration, you can watch the content uploaded by the exhibitors for free, and there are various benefits, so please take this opportunity to register!

<Type of Videos>

Feature/Short films・TV programs・Trailer・Music videos ・promo videos etc

<Appeal Points>
  • ・Reach to exhibitors without contacts
  • ・Abundant Japanese content
  • ・Content you are looking for on the bulletin board can be described
  • ・Abundant search functions such as genre, company, country can be used
  • ・Content can be displayed on PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.
<Publish Period>

October 10 (Tue) – November 30 (Thu)

<Authorized Viewers>

JCS ID Badge holder only
The online library “FOYER” is a very convenient service. For buyers all over the world, please use it as a tool to manage contents from before the JCS session to business talks on the market day and follow-up after the exhibition.

<How to register online library>

① Receipt of invitation mail from FOYER management secretariat
For those who wish to use the online library at the time of application for JCS Buyer ID,
After October 5th (Thu), to the “contact e-mail address” submitted at JCS registration, an invitation mail will be delivered from FOYER Administrative Office.
You will receive an invitation mail from foyer-info@im
② vPlease set your account according to the sentence of the email, please use it.

※To those who do not wish to use the online library at the time of application of JCS Buyer ID , If you are interested in using it now, you can apply by the following procedure.
1, Login to My Page <https://account.jcs.tokyo/mypage/
2, Edit your personal data: Press Edit Personal Information Data
3, At the bottom of the page “Official online library: Use of Official Online Library”, “Yes. I will use the online library and will provide” Foyer “my information for the registration through JCS Organizer’s office.

<Change deadline: 10/9 (Mon) noon>

ID Badge pick up information

<Request photo registration for JCS ID badge>

If you registered a JCS ID badge (exhibitor, buyer, visitor, press), please upload photos in MYPAGE. Face photos must be registered in advance and without the Face poto, ID badge cannot be issue. Face photo registration deadline: 10th Oct, (Tue)
※One-day pass does not require photo registration.

<Important Notices>

From your MyPage https://account.jcs.tokyo/mypage/, please confirm once again where to pick up your ID badge. If you pick up your ID badge other than the selected location, it will take time to issue your ID badge at the registration desk. Deadline of ID badge receiving place designation:
10/10 (Tue)

<Notice of pickup QR code>

To pick up your ID badge at the registration desk, if you print the QR code and bring it, you can shorten the time to issue the ID badge. Log in to your own MYPAGE, click the green “ID takeover QR code” button on the bottom left, the QR code will be displayed. Your cooperation is appreciated. ※ For one-day pass registration, you can substitute [Pickup ID] listed in the registration completion email.

<Notice of JCS venue open time and registration open time>

Please confirm the opening time of registration desk at each venue and market venue.
Detail: Registration and Venue Open Hours


Announcement of the joint seminar with START ME UP AWARDS “Enter-Tech Meeting in TIMM”

14th TIMM will organize a joint seminar with START ME UP AWARDS. START ME UP AWARDS(SMUA) is a competition for Japanese young startups relating to entertainment contents and counted 4th times this year as a special program of the Digital Content Expo in Japan.

SMUA, aiming to make “made in Japan” Enter-Tech (Entertainment × Technology) startups bring to the world.
TIMM, the one and only international music market in Tokyo where many music-related person and entertainment business person will gather.
This year, both projects will collaborate for the first time and organize the following seminar/meetups. This special event is free of charge (*advanced application necessary).
We look forward to seeing many TIMM/JCS international buyers, Japanese young startups and TIMM/SMUA participants.

14th TIMM×START ME UP AWARDS presents “Enter-Tech Meeting in TIMM”

Date/Time: Oct. 25 (Mon), 2017 12:00~15:00(11:30 Door open)
Venue: Shibuya Hikarie Conference RoomD

Supporters: Digital Contents Expo, CoFesta2017

<Event schedule>

12:00~12:30 Seminar “Enter-Tech in Japan: Examples and possibilities to be global products” (Speaker: Norikazu Yamaguchi)

12:30~13:00 Enter-Tech in Japan: Overview (Speaker: Takayuki Suzuki)
Introduction~START ME UP AWARDS, TECHS., and Creaters Camp in Manazuru~:By Norikazu Yamaguchi

13:00~14:00 Present point of the music startup business in Shibuya, Tokyo (Speaker: Akinori Fumihara, Norikazu Yamaguchi)
*English translation is provided at the event

<Speaker information>

Norikazu Yamaguchi (Music Producer/ EnterTech Evangelist, CEO of BUG corporation Inc.)
Takayuki Suzuki(President / EnterTech Accelerator, ParadeALL)
Akinori Fumihara (Founder CEO, nana music, Inc.)

<How to join>

For participation of the event, please contact to timmoffice@promic.net with your name and company name/company genre.

Advance Registration required Seminar lined up!

Innovations and Marketing in Entertainment by UCLA Anderson

oday in Hollywood, there are news or rumors that could greatly impact the industry: for instance, the transition of consumer interest from theater and TV to online streaming, the rise of virtual reality in consumer products, contents production by Facebook and Apple. In this seminar, guest speakers from Center for Management of Media, Entertainment and Sports at UCLA Anderson, a prestigious business school in media and entertainment, will discuss the latest trends overseas, mainly focusing on how recent innovations affect the business environment and marketing in the industry.

Date: Tuesday 24 October, 2017 at 10:00-12:00

・Sanjay Sood (Faculty Director, Center for MEMES, UCLA Anderson School of Management)
・Jay Tucker (Executive Director, Center for MEMES, UCLA Anderson School of Management)

Further information:

Team Building for Business Development Overseas

Through the talks from the collaborators with producers: lawyer, tax accountant and financier, this seminar will pursue strategies for effective team building in business development overseas, from the three perspectives of in-house human resources, supporters with expertise in particular subjects such as lawyers, and business partners including financiers and distributors.

Date:Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 13:00-14:30

・Takashi Shinomiya (Representative Director / Entertainment & Rights Advisory Firm, CRG Co., Ltd.)
・Keiichi Uezumi (Representative Director, Japanese Certified Public Accountant, Japanese Licensed Tax Accountant / Bizadvisors, Inc.)
・Makoto Kubo (Managing Executive Officer / BIGLOBE Inc.)
Satoshi Kiyota (Producer / Producer Development at UNIJAPAN)

Further information:

The key person of international co-production!
The CEO at Rai Cinema will talk about expectations for Asian market

Rai Cinema, one of the most important TV and film companies in Europe, now expands its scope of co-production opportunities outside European countries. Paolo Del Brocco, the CEO at Rai Cinema, will give a talk about the reason why they look at Aisia now.

Date:Wednesday 25th October, 2017 at 10:00-11:00

Speaker:Paolo Del Brocco (CEO, RAI Cinema)

Further information:


World-class Musicals from Japan-The Possibilities of 2.5-Dimensional Musicals–
2.5 dimensional musical is a term used to describe theatrical presentations based on manga, animation and video games, content Japan is proud of. Rapidly gaining recognition in Japan and abroad, it is also contributing actively to the promotion of inbound tourism. The two directors of the Japan 2.5 Dimensional Musical Association talk about the relationship of live entertainment in the form of stage performances with content, music and videos, future possibilities in the domestic and overseas markets and other topics.

・Makoto Matsuda
(Chairman,JAPAN2.5-DIMENSIONALMUSICAl ASSOCIATION/Chairman and CEO of Nelke Planning Co., Ltd./Theatrical Producer)

・Haruki Nakayama(Board member, JAPAN2.5DIMENSIONAL MUSICALASSOCIATIO, Chairman,President and CEO, Marvelous Inc. / Chairman HAYAO NAKAYAMA Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture.)

Date:Wednesday 25 October 10/25 at 12:00-13:30

Further information:

Co Festa 2017 Open Innovation Seminar “Entertainment×The Latest Technologies”

Co Festa 2017 presents “Sports×Content”seminar

<For more information,contact:>
Japan Content Showcase Office
【TEL】 +81-3-6226-3020
【FAX】 +81-3-6226-3024