24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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Newsletter Vol.12
JCS2017 will start next week!Record-Breaking Number of Exhibitors!

ーIn this week’s newsletterー

  • ・JCS2017 will start next week!Record-breaking Number of Exhibitors!
  • ・Get a free admission to “J-WORLD TOKYO” and “NAMJATOWN” !
  • ・Message from the Mayor of Toshima City
  • ・Korea-Japan Broadcasting Contents Business Networking Reception
  • ・Walk-in Registration and ID Pick Up QR code information
  • ・TIFFCOM seminar information

JCS2017 will start next week !Record-Breaking Number of Exhibition Booths !

Next week, October 23 (Monday) – 26 (Thu) Asia’s largest content market Japan Content Showcase 2017 will be held at Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu and Ikebukuro Sunshine City for four days at two venues.
The total number of booths has increased by 20% since last year, and the number of exhibitors is 371 organizations, which is the highest ever. The number of overseas exhibitors has increased remarkably, by 33% since last year. JCS2017 will have exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, of which 4 countries and regions are new. As for the overseas pavilion, Latin America will hold pavilion for the first time. Film organizations from Chile and Brazil will participate.

First exhibition countries and regions: Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Lithuania Overseas Pavilion: ASEAN (Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam), Korea (Movie, TV), Latin America (Brazil, Chile), Location (India, Kosovo, Philippines, Russia, Switzerland, USA ) Taiwan, Thailand

Exhibitors list

Get a free admission to “J-WORLD TOKYO” and “NAMJATOWN” !

During the Japan Content Showcase, present your JCS ID badge at the information counter of “J-WORLD TOKYO” and “NAMJATOWN”, and the admission will be free.

Available period: 10/23 (Mon) ~ 11/3 (Fri, holiday)
* Usage of the attractions in the park is charged separately.

Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 3F, 3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 2F, 3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Message from Yukio Takano , Mayor of Toshima

Toward the realization of “ a theater city with the entire city as the stage , and where anyone can play the leading role” , Toshima City has been promoting the International City of Arts & Culture. By the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Ikebukuro will be reborn because Hazare Ikebukuro which is equipped with eight theaters and cinema complex and the outdoor theater of Ikebukuro West Gate Park with a large screen will be completed.
Tokyo Animation Award Festival 2017 as The International Anime Competition and this JCS 2017 are held and in 2019 as the candidate city of the East Asian cultural city which conducts cultural and artistic exchanges in three countries of Japan, China and South Korea sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Toshima City has grown into an increasingly international city.
Next week, it is time to hold JCS2017. Please feel the city of Ikebukuro full of charm and expectation by all means.

Korea-Japan Broadcasting Contents Business Networking Reception

本Korea Contents Promotion Agency and UNIJAPAN co-sponsored “Korea -Japan Broadcasting Contents Business Netwoking Reception ” will be held again this year.

Date: October 25 (Wed), 3: 30-4: 00pm
Venue: KOCCA’s booth (Booth No. B-90)
Co-organizer: Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Public Interest Foundation UNIJAPAN
* Invitation only

Message from Kyoung Eun Lee, Director, Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)
Compared with last year, the number of Korean pavilion participants has increased from 18 companies to 22 companies and we have more rich content and information available.
In addition, the “Korea-Japan Broadcasting Contents Business Exchange Meeting” is held as an event during the yearly period. We are planning to hold it in the booth (Booth No. B – 90) this time, please come by all means on this occasion.

Walk-in Registration and ID Pick Up QR code Information

[Walk-in Registration]

Walk-in Registration available during the event.
Please come directly to the registration of the Ikebukuro venue directly from Oct. 23 (Mon) to 26 (Thu).
Registration fee: 27,000 JPY (tax included)
* Please bring your business card.
* Please note that Walk-in Registration will not be available at the Shibuya venue


[Profile Photo registration for JCS ID badge]

If you registered a JCS ID badge (Buyer, Visitor, Press), please upload your profile photos from MYPAGE. If you have not registered photos yet, please upload from MYPAGE as soon as possible.
(Pre-registration of profile photo has been closed for the Exhibitors. Thank you for your cooperation.)

[Notice of pickup QR code]

On the day of the visit, if you print the QR code and bring it, you can shorten the time to issue the ID badge. Log in to your own MYPAGE, click the green “Pick-up ID QR code” button on the bottom left, the QR code will be displayed. Your cooperation is appreciated.

※ For 1-Day Pass registration, you can also use the [Pickup ID] listed in the registration completion email.

[Notice of JCS venue open time and registration open time]

Please check the opening time of the registration desk and the market venue.


TIFFCOM seminar information

The possibilities of Japanese Content
-2nd Session Panel discussion-
Crunchyroll COO×Netflix(the US)『Death Note』producer (moderator)×A person from Chinese streaming service industry (information coming up shortly on our website) will discuss the future of Japanese content industry!

And one more person !

Colin Decker (COO, Crunchyroll, Inc.)
And one more!

Masi Oka(Actor/Producer/JETRO Advisor)

Not a few people anticipate that ‘streaming service will change the ecosystem of content industry’ in Japan in near future. However, there are only few people that strongly look at ‘how’ it will change this industry in Japan. Looking back to the situation in the US, how exactly it has been changed? And why are the streaming service companies are all interested in producing original contents now? JCS seminar invites the COO at Crunchyroll in America and the producer of Netflix version Death Note, Masi Oka, and they will answer these questions. In addition to that, JCS invites another panelist from Chinese streaming service industry (we will release the detailed information on our website soon!). As he will join the discussion, this seminar is going to look at the future in Japanese content industry in coming 5 years from multiple points of views in a fruitful way.

October 24(Tue) 13:00-15:30 Seminar Room1
1st session:Keynote Speech /13:00-13:50
2nd session:panel Discussion /13:50-15:30


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