24-26 Oct, 2017 in IKEBUKURO(23-25 Oct, TIMM in SHIBUYA)

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JCS newsletter Vol.16
Japan Content Showcase 2017(Ikebukuro Venue), Closing Tomorrow (Oct. 26)! The Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) ended TODAY!

ーToday’s newsー

  • ・Event Schedule(Oct 26th)
  • ・Today’s Highlight
  • ・Registration and Venue Open Hours in Ikebukuro
  • ・ID Pick Up QR code Information
  • ・Shuttle bus service information

Event information (Oct 26th)


<P&I Schedule>
<Mini Stage schedule>

Ikebukuro venue

<JCS related project IDOL SHOWTIME IN Japan Content Showcase 2017>

①Open11:00 Start11:15 ②Open13:30 Start13:45 ③Open16:00 Star16:15
[Fee]Adv 1,000Yen Door 1,500Yen(no drink included)
※Reentry permitted, max 80 public visitors. Goods sales &special benefit event will be held after each show.
[Organize]Nippon COLUMBIA Co. ,Ltd

※Regardless of category, nationality, etc., all JCS ID badge Holders will receive the same benefits. By presenting the ID Badge, you can participate in the special benefit event for free.

Today’s Highlight@Ikebukuro venue

Today is the second day of JCS2017 at the Ikebukuro venue, and we are happy to see many vibrant international visitors again.
This year, the pavilions and booths of all the countries and regions are also very distinctive and have many prominent eye-catching decorations, creating a friendly atmosphere as an international communication site.
This year’s keyword is “IP”. Expectations for TIFFCOM are also changing year by year.
Various demands generate at different stages and therefore a place of business is needed. These demands are related to original works, merchandising (commercialization), contents prior to becoming video works, and so forth.
This year, many IP related seminars are scheduled, and booths of exhibitors who are seeking for opportunities of IP negotiations have special “IP marks”. Many people are actively carrying on business negotiations.

Three seminars related to animation were held. A large number of visitors participated in these seminars. Overseas development and visualization of manga, service development of Anison are hot topics for visitors. We can understand the high interest in animation which is representative content of Japan. Many business talks were seen in each booths.

The 14th TIMM is the last day today. The marketplace/seminar held on 23, 24 Oct. talked about the world market and overseas expansion of Japanese music.
Today, special seminar “14th TIMM × START ME UP AWARDS presents Enter-Tech meeting in TIMM” will be taken place in Shibuya Hikarie Conference Hall D. Also, showcase live will be held in TSUTAYA O-EAST Shibuya. Last night, seven sets of variety of artists ranging from VOCALOID mixed singer to boys idol group showed impressive performances for buyers and visitors gathered from different countries. Tonight, “She, in the haze””ASH DA HERO””FAKY””I Don’t Like Mondays.””BANANALEMON”and ”Nulbarich”.
This year, an international showcase live at the shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE on 25 Oct. will be held alongside the 3days showcase live at the Shibuya O-EAST. Five artists of the international showcase are; unique jazz performance group “FAZZ” from Malaysia, Upcoming band “Hello Nico” from Taiwan, three-piece band with varieties of musical sense “IAMNOT” from Korea, Rock band performed at the Summer Sonic 2017 “LAST TRAIN” from France, and female singer songwriter with powerful voice “Terra Lightfoot” from Canada.

Registration and Venue Open Hours in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro venue

Walk-in Registration(issued at only Ikebukuro venue)
“Walk-in” is on-site registration, it’s valid for four days (Ikebukuro/ Shibuya). Your registration photo is not required to bring, because you can take it at the registration desk. Even if you forget to register in advance, if you have this pass, you can also participate in various events and seminars.

Walk-in Registration
Fee: JPY 27.000 (tax included)
Valid period: Oct 23 (Mon) – 26 (Thu) *Japan Time


ID Pick Up QR code Information

For JCS ID Registrants, please print the QR code and bring it with you when you come to the registration to pick up your ID badge. When the log-in to your own MYPAGE and clicks a green button “ID Pick QR code” in the lower left, QR code is displayed. Thank you for your cooperation!


Shuttle Bus Service Information between Ikebukuro to Roppongi

Japan Content Showcase2017 offers a shuttle bus service between Ikebukuro to Roppongi for two days while the market goes on. Please bring the JCS/TIFF ID badge with you when you get on the bus. About 40 minutes between Ikebukuro and Roppongi and the schedule may be changed depending on the traffic. Please check the timetable.

10/25(Wed) Ikebukuro⇒Roppongi:
13:00~20:00 / Every hour on hour

14:00~22:00 / Every hour on hour

10/26(Thu) Ikebukuro⇒Roppongi :9:00~20:00 / Every 30 minutes :
         Roppongi⇒Ikebukuro :9:00~21:00/ Every 30 minutes

Pick-up Point
1F Bus Terminal, Sunshine City (Ikebukuro / JCS venue)
Drive way entrance A, Roppongi Hills(Roppongi / Tokyo International Film Festival Venue)

Details and schedule

<For more information,contact:>
Japan Content Showcase Office
【TEL】 +81-3-6226-3020
【FAX】 +81-3-6226-3024